Harmony United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Prayer Request List

September 29

Praise – Dylan & Garrett got all A’s & B’s on report cards

Pray for those who are being bullied at school

Emily Ely – Cancer

Family of Betty Reynolds – in Callands

Tink Emerson – failing health


An unsaved friend – by Leon


September 22

Praise – Noel Salmons recovering from pneumonia

Kelsey Salmons – sick

Alex Griffith – allergies

Family of Clarence Bryant

Hazelwood Family

Family of Johnny McDowell – Jim Finney’s uncle in Norfolk

Family of Chris Carter

Shirley Family

Olivia – Traveling mercies – coming from Czechoslovakia

Brandi Hubbard – end of life

Jesse Glasscock – chemo tx following surgery for cancer

Barbara Merricks – rehab at Roman Eagle


September 15

Praise – Drew and Rebecca celebrating 13th anniversary

Praise – Evon Jones has quit smoking after 50 years

Praise – Ally Davis 15yr. old cancer survivor – in remission

Praise – Jennifer Hartman is back to her old self!

Buddy Booth

McDonald family

Judy Woodburn family

(Son, Jon, pastor of Oakland UMC)

Noel Salmons – sore throat

Kristin Farris


September 1

Those affected by the shootings in TX and Pittsylvania County

Everyone in the path of Hurricane Dorian

Jennifer Hartman

Mavis Amos – Cancer surgery

Praise – Jenny & David got married

Praise – Jim Finney’s brother, Jeffery, is home and doing fine


August 25

Jonathon Hamilton - on life support

Chloe Griffith – surgery

Family of Bill Nieves

Family of Lois Scearce – Delores Salmon’s aunt

Praise- Mary Stowe is cancer free (Pastor Hershel Stowe)

Family of Helen Hairstow

Virginia Chapin

“Tink” Emerson

Sylvia’s granddaughter’s return to Hong Kong

Jim Finney’s brother – Jeffery – surgery in Lynchburg

Prayers for Drew











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Ida Mae Finney & caregivers     Melissa Gatewood     Cliff Hardy     Cienna Hopkins
Ailen Nance     3 yr. old cancer hospice patient     Brent Peters     Harold Plaster
Barbara Purdy     Rumor mill in the community     Nathan Snider
Nathan Trammell     Pastors
August 26

Nancy Warren    Luke Carter    Drew Madison     Family of Dennis Almond

Family of Connie Daniel     Family of Senator John McCain 



Family of 4 year old     Rosemary Franklin     Willie Hankins family     Kenneth Holt


Fran Mayberry     Frances Myers family     Stephenie Neal     Sue Gibson traveling


Students starting to school


Jackie Aherron     Attentiveness for parents     Mitch Daniel’s wife     Davy Eanes family
Mark Gatewood family     Kendal Gauldin     Glen Gooden family     Mike Gosney family
Drew & Rebecca Madison home loan     Jimmy Newton     Billy Perrow family     
Vicki Robinson     Dallas Womack family


Jackie Aherron     Ayusso family     Ida Mae Finney & caregivers      


Ben & kids traveling     Mark Hardy     Laura Phelps & kids traveling


Kids starting school     Tommy, Lois & Mike Moore



Marie Farris     Ida Mae Finney     Sylvia Gray – MRI     Judy Griffith   

Bobby Johnson     Drew Madison     Pam Martin      Dakota Miller     

Dr. David Palmer   Ralph Stratton      Supreme court nominee     

Ron Williams family     Sharon Yarborough